Left 4 Dead creator Mike Booth says there still aren’t enough co-op games

There is a very high chance that Mike Booth’s fingerprints are on one of your favourite games. He’s one of the original founders of Turtle Rock Studios and creator of Left 4 Dead. At Valve, he worked on CS:GO and Team Fortress 2. Westwood Studio’s classic RPG Nox? That’s Booth as well. After a stint working on VR games for Facebook, he’s currently the chief creative officer at Bad Robot Games, the game-centric offshoot of J.J. Abrams’ Bad Robot film and TV production company. But, not content with having one job at a time, Booth has also been working at Resolution games on the VR tabletop RPG Demeo.

A streamlined, high production values version of Dungeons & Dragons, Demeo won a lot of "best of" accolades in VR game round-ups. But soon it’s coming to regular ol’ PCs, with early access starting next week on February 7th. I spoke to Booth about Demeo, but also the future of co-op games. He had quite a lot to say.

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