A second Elder Scrolls board game is in development

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Like Yoda, the biggest Skyrim fan, says: Always two there are

Following last fall’s announcement of a Skyrim board game, Elder Scrolls creator Bethesda Softworks has announced a second way to explore their beloved fantasy series via cardboard: The Elder Scrolls: Betrayal of the Second Era.

Currently in development from Chip Theory Games, Betrayal of the Second Era is a cooperative tabletop adventure for one to four players. Designed to be played in “adventures” that unfold across three hour-long sessions, Chip Theory is designing a game that’s generous with character progression in order for players to “build interesting and unique characters in the consolidated timespan required in a tabletop experience.”

Elder Scrolls fans will note that the Second Era of the game’s title is also the period in which The Elder Scrolls Online is set. Like that MMO, Betrayal of the Second Era will take place across the entire continent of Tamriel during the event called the Planemeld, which will allow for a variety of adventures that dive into the traditional high fantasy of Tamriel with the more supernatural realms like Coldharbour.

The Elder Scrolls: Betrayal of the Second Era is currently in development and expected to launch on Gamefound in Oct. 2022

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